Spin... SPIN... embellishments galore!

/ Thursday, April 2, 2009

Scrapbooking has been part of my life for quite sometime. It was about three years ago when I took this hobby another level... late nights cropping, treading to convention, and scouring the internet for the hottest, newest trends. What I noticed was that my hobby outgrew its storage capacities so much that I lost track of what I bought. I claimed, "it's organized chaos!" But truly, the disorganization was driving me crazy. I started looking online for storage solutions, but the thrifty girl inside could not fork over the $70+ dollars for a Clip it up! or new bins... I have to admit it was getting a little crazy -

Lo' and behold, my wish was granted. I read a blog published by Jen Pebbles about a spinner she made for her embellishments. She got the idea from another person... gotta love blogs! So... here it is! Starting with supplies - Step One:

Binder clips. (I purchased this a looooong time ago in my undergrad. I knew they'd come in handy one day!)
2. 20 - 25 sheet protectors.
3. A paper towel holder. (This one my friend, Amee, brought me from Ikea. Thanks, Amee!)

Step Two: Assemble the paper towel holder as instructed in the manual. Combine the sheet protectors using the binder clips.

Step Three: Run the pole through all three binder clips...

Step Four: Add embellishments! I added cardstock to each of the pages so the pages "spin". As I purchase more, they may not need it... Enjoy!


  1. Love your carousel!!! Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

  2. This is genius. Sheer genius! And I'm another living in disorganised chaos. I'm going to nab this idea and if it's ok with you am also going to link to this post from my blog :)

  3. fabulous idea and doesnt cost a bomb :)

  4. Wow, fab idea. I'm always looking for new storage ideas and this ones great!

  5. this looks great, but Ive vowed to stay away from Ikea..lol (the reason why is on my blog :0)


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