Sew me the way!

/ Friday, June 5, 2009

I am currently obsessing with this... like all new things that come my way, I get SUPER excited and then it hits me. This overwhelming feeling and questions... are you SURE you want it? What will you do with it? Have you seen all the things it can do?

I sew my scrapbook pages by hand... while I don't mind doing it, I like the streamline look a sewing machine gives. As I tetter - totter with idea, I stumbled upon this:

and FELL IN LOVE! I will be saving up my pennies & purchasing this soon. In the meantime, I'll dream...

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  1. I asked for a Kenmore machine from Sears a few years ago for Christmas and LOVE it. I had my g'ma's old machine but it didn't zig-zag. My only advice for sewing on paper is use a heavy-duty canvas needle! Hopefully this machine takes those!


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