It's Luau Time!

/ Sunday, August 23, 2009

During our trip to Hawaii, it was imperative we attend a luau --- I mean, the food, the locals, the mai tais... it begs to question, why not? We attended Germaine's Luau upon the suggestion of my sister. I had gone to another luau - Paradise Cove - and thought a different luau would be nice. The day didn't look promising... it was raining periodically and there was a gloom over ocean. Although the outlook wasn't too great, we partied it up and had a great time!

I started with turquoise paper as a base to match my dress...

I just purchased a scallopped punch and went bananas creating flowers and embellishments to the page.

I purchased a drink with glass as a souvenier of our trip. I took a picture of it, cut it out, and used a photo I had of us as a 'lemon wedge'. I also used pop up dots on the page to make it stand out...

Happy Sunday!


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  1. love the flowers in the top left corner.


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