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/ Saturday, August 22, 2009

What a week it's been! Sooo much fun but I'm so exhausted and the weekend's still young. My friend, Jen, & I have promised to make a habit of swimming every Tuesday & Thursday. I know how to swim but I am not a 'swimmer', a.k.a I can swim myself to safety but I can't bust a stroke. I started with the free style stroke and my trusty kick board. My mission is to master this by the end of the year. Jen's a pro and has been doing about a mile in the water. I do 1/3 of that. Ha!

Wednesday was spent with this crazy bunch:

The Grove in Los Angeles hosts Summer Concerts every Wednesday. This particular Wednesday, Michelle Branch graced us with her amazing voice and laid back personality. To make the night EXTRA special, my cousins and I officially deemed it "Cousin Night" and we all shared it together. Here's my view of Michelle Branch... blurry but she's on there! Something tells me I need to get a new camera...

Oh, and I had to take some pictures of the bright, delicious fruit on our way...

After the concert & some much needed shopping, we headed to Johnny Rocket's for a late night dinner. Nothing like a chili dog with fries in the middle of the night!

Overall, it was a great week. I'll be posting some LO soon of the Hawaii scrapbook I'm working on... Happy Saturday!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Lizzi B.! I, too, have only experimented a bit with Pioneer woman's recipies, but they are WONDERFUl!
    looks like you had a great time at that concert!
    Sarah M


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