Under the sea...

/ Monday, November 9, 2009

How does Ariel do it? Seriously. She's one amazing mermaid...

After my 6 mile run yesterday, I attended a swim clinic with a great instructor, Gina Greco. (If you need a referral, let me know and I'll forward you her info.) After a long walk along the beach to find the perfect spot, we put on our sausage costumes (a.k.a wetsuits) and headed toward the middle of the ocean. Being the brave soul I claim to be, I followed her right in... until it hit me, I was in the middle of the ocean among the unknown and I just learned how to swim 2 months ago. And, I'm definitely NOT a mermaid. What was I thinking? I didn't panic... I tried not to, at least, and managed to get through my first ocean swim session. I learned many things and I'm confident the next time I go out there, I won't freak out. We all can't be Ariel.

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