28 before 29...

/ Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I love making lists. I love planning. I love setting goals. I can't sit still without an objective --- or 500. It will be about 9 months before I hit the BIG 2-9 and had promised myself I'd complete 28 things/goals prior to then. Some are big... some are small. I'll be post each one as I complete them. In the meantime, here are a couple I've completed so far...

#1 Cook Thanksgiving dinner

#3 Complete a triathlon

I'm working on a couple right now --- training for the LA Marathon (yup, 26.2 miles!) & completing my Hawaii Scrapbook. Ahhh... Hawaii, how I miss you!

(My most fav picture of us during our trip)

Finishing up my latest knitting project, creating a training plan for my next triathlon (maybe!), a special trip to Disneyland (maybe a half-marathon while I'm there?)...

We'll see... only time will tell. So far, this year has been realllly good to me. I can't wait for what else unfolds!


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