Holiday Wrap-Up

/ Monday, January 4, 2010

As we embark on the new year ahead of us, I can't help reflecting on this past year. I was faced with so many challenges --- the good, the bad, and definitely, the ugly. As I leave 2009 behind me, I am forever grateful for my family. We've made it through the most trying moments, especially with my dad's recovery. And, he's getting better as each day passes... remarkable. I also look back at the 'resolutions' I made for 2009 and laugh. I mean, what was I thinking? No, I did not lose the weight I wanted to... No, I did not jump out of a plane with a parachute... No, I did not finish my scrapbook of our trip to Hawaii... but really? It doesn't matter. I finished a triathlon which I did not anticipate to. I am glad I learned to swim and ride a bike all over again. As far as planes go, I took some great trips --- Cabo, NYC, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, & Detroit. And, I made some crafty stocking stuffers for Christmas. I'm a happy bear.

This year I don't want to focus on resolutions... I want to focus on goals. My goals for 2010 are simple... more of the same but better. I have many things in mind and I can't wait to start on them. The LA Marathon is one. I started back on running today after being sick for two weeks and taking some time off for the holiday season. I can run a half marathon today if I had to, just not quite sure about a full one. I have to improve both my stride and speed. I'm not a runner and don't claim to be. I just love the challenge. One thing's for sure, it can be very addictive. There are some more goals I'm keeping in my noggin'... we'll see what unfolds. For now, here are some great holiday photos:

I made signs... they were fun. Christmas Day at my house:

Knitted Hello Kitty iphone cozies for sisters and cousin:

Holiday Party for work held at Mijares, Pasadena:

Our picture in front of the Christmas tree take #5:

Happy New Year!


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