Not today...

/ Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I think it started off when I forgot my badge to work. Luckily, I had a friend kind enough to let me in the building with no hassle from the security guards. When I rec'd an email that I had a package in our mailroom --- I love that --- I decided to take the stairwell down after work was over. Oops, I can't get into the bottom floor without a badge. I decided, "Oh well... not today". With my purse and lunch in hand, I walked the 10 flights of stairs in my four inch heels. The package will wait... I know what it is and I'm excited about it. I trekked home a happy clam, changed into my running clothes, and started to feel the soreness radiate down my back. I decided, "Oh well... not today" and walked the 2 miles instead. In the even pace, it felt nice to be alive, to feel the breeze across my face, to have the neighborhood dogs stare - not bark - at me... it felt good to be familiar. It felt good. This is what a new year feels like... the easiness, the calm, the fresh. And with that... inspiration.


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  1. I love those moments when you feel alive!


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