Reunited and it feels soooo good...

/ Thursday, April 29, 2010

My computer, my little engine that could, my little Toshi... is back! I'm so happy. I felt so lost without it. So much has transpired these past couple of months --- I could burst!

1. I completed the LA Marathon on March 21, 2010 with my lovely training buddies Trish & Aiha. I took the month of April off from running to rest and I'm glad I did.

I can't help but smile when I look at those pictures... it amazes me how far we've gone and how much more we have ahead. I have a couple of marathons in mind, but I'm not sure where EXACTLY. I've also thought about my next triathlon --- I missed out on the Malibu Triathlon this year so if I plan on doing one, it'll be next year. Then, I think of the training. Training for a marathon vs. a triathlon is completely different. A triathlon gives you more variety in your training schedule --- run, swim, or bike. It's your choice and you're never bored. Training for a marathon really took its toll on me. For the last couple of weeks leading up to the marathon, I was feeling very defeatist and afraid because I wasn't sure if I was going to make it. We had finished a 20 mile training session that day and all I wanted to do was sleep. During the marathon, I remember hitting the 22 mile marker and thinking, "4 miles??? That's it??" Trust me, it felt like the loooooongest 4 miles of my life. But, as I ran closer and saw the finish line, I remembered why I was doing this... the rush of accomplishment, the satisfaction of completion, and to see the smiling faces cheering me on. It was awesome.

2. As a reward, I finally bought this baby... oh and is she so cute. I've been wanting to buy her for awhile now but chickened out... it's one pricey watch that does everything --- sets the pace, measures distance, and even juliennes fries! Just kidding. But, seriously, for this runner, it was long overdue. I can't wait to play with it next week and take it out for a first run. Yes, I am a nerd.


3. I signed up for a sewing class and opened up my lovely sewing machine. Although the class is 2 months away, I can't wait to start. Especially if you're sewing on this adorable thing!


Why, yes, I will be sewing pretty! I have a couple of projects in mind but I'm trying to be realistic. My sisters, on the other hand, want me to hem all their jeans. They're crazy... I will not be responsible for shortening their jeans into capris!

My list of "28 things before 29" is being checked off one-by-one. There's so much to look forward to and so many experiences to be had.

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