Five years

/ Saturday, May 8, 2010

Five years ago we met again. "I was meeting a long time friend for dinner, remember?" You always remind me it wasn't a 'date'. And, I smile because although you're right, I will never confirm that. I remember every detail of that night --- what you wore, what I wore, your silly stories, and the 3 diet cokes I drank before they kicked us out of the restaurant. Did we really stay there talking for 6 hours? Yes, we did and more --- the conversation concluded with a drive through Hollywood and back. The conversations continued on as years passed... about lessons learned, childhood memories, and lifelong aspirations. I can't wait to hear more of your 'madness' and share little secrets here and there... because although this marks the fifth year together, there are many more stories ahead.

(Celebrating our 5 year anniversary @ Las Vegas on April 1st)

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