It seems like only yesterday...

/ Sunday, June 6, 2010

I was in the hospital room meeting you for the first time. Now, you're able to crawl and take 5 steps on your own. You're growing up so quickly... right before my eyes. Baby G, you're such a happy baby. Smiling at the simple things in life - ice melting in your hands, tackling the stairs, and those silly balloons. On Saturday, we celebrated your 1st year on Earth... just one year of the many more milestones ahead.

Nate, you're such a carefree spirit. I can't believe you're already 7??? When did this happen? You're so curious about everything --- running around and playing... exploring and wondering. It's so amazing.

The two little Geminis... you'll be the best friends anyone can have --- brothers. Happy Birthday!

Here are some pictures of Gavin's baptismal...

And, the celebration after...

We all had such a great time!


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