Training Tuesday

/ Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I hate having my blood drawn. Yes. Very. Much. But before I start training this next week, I wanted to get the 'green light' from my doctor. Aside from "low" iron levels, I'm set! I heart my doctor. After the formalities, i.e. reviewing the results & our action plan, I showed him my medal from the LA Marathon. An athlete himself, he began reminiscing about his glory days --- triathlons, wrestling, and crazy diets. I'm so lucky to have him on my side... "I'm your cheerleader!", he exclaimed with a glimmer in his eye. A little intimidating at first --- 6'5", bald Russian man with a big booming voice --- but, 100+% supportive. I need to have my blood drawn again in 3 months & hopefully lost 5 lbs by then. His recommendations, not mine.

So, it begins. Training season. I'm a little scared for the weeks and months ahead but I'm excited, too. It takes a lot of planning and preparation before I can put feet to pavement. I've already drafted my running & workout schedule, purchased some much needed running gear, & organized my workout bags --- one for running/biking & one for swimming. This year, I have a surprise. BUT, I can't discuss it until its final. I'll find out on Saturday --- Can't wait to share the news!

I was looking through pictures from my first marathon (left) and my most recent (right). I am about 6 lbs lighter on the right than the left. To me, it's all the same. Grrrr, doc! How time flies!


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