The weekend

/ Friday, June 4, 2010

This is what I wake up to during the weekend...

The sun is out... the birds chirp... everything feels alive. So welcoming. To me, 'sleeping in' means waking up at 6:45am for a morning run. OK, I know that sounds a little ridiculous, BUT, I wake up every other day at 5:25am --- so, in comparison, this isn't too bad. Plus, I hate to waste the morning. As the sun is up earlier and longer, running later on in the day is more challenging.

This weekend in particular is going to be a lot of fun. My little 'nephews', Gavin & Nate, are celebrating their birthdays on Saturday. Also, Gavin will be baptized tomorrow morning. Family gatherings are always fun... I love seeing everyone, especially those rambunctious kids! They just crack me up. I can't wait to take a gazillion pictures of their happy faces.

I will be going back into training mode soon. The rest of the year will consist of long runs and sprint drills. I'm excited. I've started some pre-training runs already and you know what??? It. Just. Feels. Good. Plan and simple. I never knew I'd admit such a thing... but it is and will be. I'm happy.


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