Five Daily Reads Friday

/ Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm sooo guilty... I read blogs all the time. ALL the time. They range from crafting, photography, food, and the gamut of musings which keep my day going.

1. Jasmine Star... photographer extraordinaire. She's witty, clever, and fun to read. Her story is amazing - she decided to become a photographer after her own wedding - and so is her photography. I admire her a lot & she is one of the those 'hits' I can't miss.

2. Ali Edwards... document much? I mean, seriously! She's known in the scrapbooking world for her ability to document life. And, I say LIFE because it's not the just 'let me put together a page about the holidays'. No, it's taking the time to document even the little things, i.e. her kids doing homework at the kitchen table.

3. Elsie Flannigan... talk about having everything plus a little vintage. Artist, scrapping, sewing, etc. She's just so awesome.

4. Ree Drummond... the pioneer woman. I've used her tasty recipes a few times with approval from the boyfriend. She's also corky and fun... keeping things light-hearted & real.

5. Once Wed... the title speaks for itself. A one stop shop for wedding ideas & vendors from all over the place. Even if you wanted to purchase a used wedding dress.

These are just 5 of the many blogs I follow. Thank you all for inspiring me... =)


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