Five things Friday

/ Friday, July 23, 2010

This weekend is going to be quite busy... but I'm super excited!

1. Sewing class. This Saturday we're making pillowcases & a market bag. Fun! Hopefully I can sew a straight line --- haha! I spent the week at 2 Joann's Fabrics stores determined to find all the different pieces for these upcoming projects. Yowzers! What an adventure! Totally worth it... =) And, she makes it so darn cute!

2. Spending the last weekend with my best friend... makes me sad that he's leaving here soon, but we get to hang out a bit before he goes.

3. Making more of these...

4. Taking more pictures with this & spending time with one of the cutest couples I know...

5. And, hopefully I can make time to attend the Renegade Craft Faire! I went to last year's faire and it was tons of fun. Check it out!



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