Wishing on Wednesday...

/ Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shhh... I have a secret. Well, kinda. I DO do a lot of wishing. This year, I created a list of things I will accomplish by the time I'm 29. 28 things to be exact... and, I'm ALMOST there. My 29th birthday is coming up (October 21), so that leaves me 3 months... YES, THREE MONTHS to do it. Yowzers. I'll share the complete list later... but, here are two things I've accomplished so far... purchasing my lovely DSLR & taking a photography class.

I love photography... even way back when I played around with our family's first 35 mm film camera & Polaroid Instant. Those were fun times. For the past 5 years since my sister had purchased her first DSLR, I've been itching for one too. But, I'm ever the cautious buyer. It wasn't until this blown out picture that I realized, time to get a new camera. Bare in mind, this was taken with my point-and-shoot Nikon:

ARG! I wanted to crumble... this picture made me so sad. So, I took the plunge, did my research, and purchased my very own DSLR & took my first photography class.

The pictures above were taken in class... so fun! I can shoot manual! Even in the dark... haha =) I'm sad today will be our last class, but, I made some great connections and plan on delving into photography even more!

Two down... 26 to go!


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