Training Tuesday: The Goofy Challenge

/ Tuesday, September 14, 2010

During our wait in the corral for our turn to the starting line, Trish and I befriended a nice couple in front of us. They were running together and have been for years- so cute. They also told us they were "Coast-to-Coaster"s... they ran the half Marathon at Disney World in Florida earlier this year and hopped to our neck of the woods to run the 2nd half marathon. Florida + California = Coast to Coast. My first thought was how fun that would be and what an achievement! Until they told me it was 20 degrees when they ran and the layers they had on were kept ON throughout the race. Hmph! Not this Cali girl!

After training on Saturday, my captain, Habiba, & I had a small chat. She, too, was a Coast-to-Coaster BUT she did something even crazier! THE GOOFY CHALLENGE! Say what??? What is The Goofy Challenge, you ask? It's a half marathon on Saturday and a FULL marathon on Sunday. Pretty intense... The race itself is on January 8-9, 2011. It scares me to think I only have 3 months to do it if I choose to. Crazy! But, at the end of it... I'll end up with three medals = The Donald, the Mickey, and the Goofy. Plus, the Disneyland Half Marathon 2011 = being a Coast-to-Coaster. I can't believe I'm even considering doing this... what an accomplishment it would be!?!

My training group conditions us to pace lead thru the Los Angeles Full Marathon 2011. The Goofy Challenge would be AMAZING. If not next year, it's definitely on the bucket list.

To think, it started with this... a lil' motivation from my dear friend, Anna.

(Anna & I at the Malibu Triathlon 2008)


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