Workin' it Wednesday: Baby Quilts

/ Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Who isn't having a baby??? heehee! All my friends, family, co-workers --- you name it --- has or will have a newborn in the next year. It's been crazy & exciting! Armed with my sewing machine and some cute fabric, I decided to take on quilting. A whole new world of crafting but so rewarding and fun. My verrrry first quilt was given to little Luke --- born in July. His quilt was a challenge since it was my first but he didn't seem to mind the crooked lines on the binding:

The second one was easier --- as I learned thru trial-and-error from the first quilt. And, I didn't forget the girlies... Kasey is due in a few weeks and I had to make one for her little girl on the way...

SOoOOooooOOO... what's next? Not sure. Sewing versus scrapbooking --- for some reason, sewing lowers my blood sugar/pressure and helps me relax. That's why I love it so much and want to learn all about it. BUT, scrapbooking allows me to document all those events & relive those memories. What to do??? BOTH! At least, I'm going to try... wish me luck!


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