Fabulous Friday --- woohoo!

/ Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday, you have arrived and I am forever grateful. I have been anxiously waiting for your arrival... you are the beginning of a week long fun vacation/birthday-ness & boy, I'm so excited!

Last Sunday, I was fortunate enough to shoot a wedding alongside Brian Wright of Studio B Photography in Las Vegas, NV. Sneaks will be posted soon. ;) This Sunday, I will make my way back to Las Vegas to spend some quality time with my lovely sisters. Ahhhh... time away is grand - especially when they include some time spent in the sun, pretty lights, and quality time with my sistahs. Maybe a shoot in the desert if we have time??? Then, I'll make it back in time to spend my birthday, 10/21, with my parents. A family party that weekend with a Half Marathon on Sunday, 10/24. It's packed but I like it that way. It's been an exhausting week and I'm glad some rest is in order! I sure need it!

Since I'm spending some much needed sisterly time, I thought I'd post my most favoritest picture of the three of us... yay!

(taken @ Bohol, Philippines 2008)

Happy Friday!


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