Feelin' Friday Fun

/ Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday starts a pretty hectic weekend for me. I will be celebrating my birthday with family and a few close friends on Saturday, waking up bright and early to pace lead the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon - Los Angeles on Sunday, and recovering on Monday (i.e. preparing for the week ahead). Today, I will be running around for last minute errands, picking up my race packet, and spending time with my cousin, Dawnabelle. Oy. Just breathe, I tell myself.

I remember this time last year... and, yes, it was just as busy. The birthday party came early that year. On my birthday, I remember leaving on a jet plane to New York City for my birthday week and then rushing to meet a client in Detroit, Michigan. I remember being upset because I thought I'd miss my plane. Instead, my flight was delayed and I waited in the Burbank airport for what felt like HOURS. HA, I say. I remember roaming the streets of New York praying no one would yell at me for my over-sized suitcase. All I got were snickers --- close enough. I remember my birthday dinner in the restaurant Carrie and Big had their engagement party. I remember the food... lots of great food. I remember not having to worry about traffic or parking, instead, I had to figure out how the subway system worked (I left it to KLa). I remember having fun --- lots of it.

And, of course, how could I forget about Lady Liberty??? She was the one thing I wanted to see while I was out there. Wish fulfilled.

SOooo, although this weekend will be crazy, I'm feelin' the fun of it. This birthday week has been full of great memories so far and I can't wait for many more.


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