Thursday Dreaming

/ Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm turning 29 next week... and I'm dreaming --- the retail kind.

1. this beloved lens: After the wedding this weekend, I fell in love. Hard.

2. an inexpensive lens for portraits

3. A cute bag to hold it all in from Kelly Moore or Epiphanie

4. Boots, boots, boots... all from Some Fryes to add to my collection... starting with "Harlow" --- yes, I love you.

5. Fun oxfords from Steve Madden
6. Cute dresses from ModCloth... I don't even know where to begin with this one!

As I'm nearing my birthday, I can't help but shop... even to just browse and dream.



  1. I <3 ModCloth! The one time I decided I was gonna suck it up and spend, what seemed like a fortune, on a beautiful green dress that I had been eyeing for over 2 months, they ran out of my size! Oh the regret!

    Have a great birthday week. See you next Friday.. or maybe even before then!

  2. Right??? It's temptation at its worse!


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