Workin' on Wednesday: 10/10/10

/ Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10/10/10 was a crazy day for me. As I mentioned in past posts, I was fortunate to shoot a wedding in Las Vegas with Brian Wright of Studio B Photography. I learned so much from that trip & it was such a great and priceless experience for me. What I appreciate the most is the support from family and friends throughout this learning curve... learning photography, balance, and life. It's awesome.

So, today I'm workin' on Destiny and Larry's 10/10/10 wedding. As I'm in post-production mode, this strikes me:

A candid picture of Destiny's parents watching them say their vows. It's a simple and sweet picture... it makes me wonder what they're thinking and feeling at this time.

There will be more pictures soon... can't wait to share them!


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