Workin' on Wednesday: Dawn, a dane, and downtown

/ Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This week has been pretty busy. I can't stop thinking about the weekend ahead. For now, I'm editing a shoot I did with my cousin, Dawn. During our shoot, a man with the cutest and largest dog I've seen in awhile passed us by. I yelled after him, asked for his permission, and shot this:

He was also nice enough to grab the sweet dog's attention so he could look our way. I love the way it turned out... he's the same size as my cousin! OY!

Making some finishing touches on this and will be posting the session next week --- so excited! I had a lot of fun running around downtown LA. Makes me appreciate the city more and more...


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  1. Purdy cute! I still can't get over how cool and chill he was. It was a lot of fun runnin around dtla too!


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