Capturing: Mount Saint Mary's Etiquette Dinner

/ Monday, November 22, 2010

I was very fortunate to shoot and document the annual Etiquette Dinner at Mount Saint Mary's College. The dinner was held at the Doheny Mansion in Downtown Los Angeles. It was an opportunity for 60 undergraduates to come together and learn about "networking, table talk, working the room, manners and social graces". Excitement filled the room as they filed in... buzz about being nervous and afraid of what was going to happen during dinner was the topic of conversation. But, the nervousness went away as soon as dinner started and the room was fully engaged in the lesson at hand conducted by Etiquette Trainer, Robert Shutt. The dinner went smoothly without a hitch and the students left excited with their new found knowledge.

The Doheny Mansion is so beautiful...

The President of Mount Saint Mary's College, Jacqueline Powers Doud, paid us a special visit & I was excited to catch this moment:

This photo brings such huge smile to my face... it reminds me of my own friends, in front of a mirror crowding together with 5 cameras to take ONE photo and saying, "Don't forget to tag me on this!" I sneaked to the opposite side of the room to capture this:

I then asked if they wanted a group photo? They posed this one themselves... LOVE IT!

Dinner is served... we learn all types of etiquette tips and of course, the handshake.

To see more photos, click here ---> Mount Saint Mary's Etiquette Dinner or the slideshow below:


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