Memories Mondays: The Grabie Family

/ Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm pretty naive. Say what? Yes, I am. When I started college, I didn't know much --- OK, before I start going off on a tangent, let me be real. I watched Disney channel & Lizzie Maguire (hey, we had the same name), loved dressing in orange (its a fruit & a color!), and was a bright-eyed & "bushy tailed" freshman. I then met Margot... she GOT me. She understood what I was going through in ALL its oddness and made my years in college fun. I remember us walking to class one day... in deep conversation about how college was like a 'culture shock'. At that moment, I knew that no matter where life would take us, we'd always be friends.

Ten years have passed... I attended Margot's wedding with another friend of ours. I remember watching the ceremony take place, the glass break, and the two of them walking down the aisle as man & wife. I remember her passing the rows ahead of us with people clapping & shouting "Mazel tov!" in congratulations. When she arrived at our row, she stopped to hug us both. I'll never forget that moment --- my friend married.

So, fast forward to now --- she's the wife and mother of three beautiful children - Daphne, Hailey, & Baby Judah. I'm so proud of her for doing it all --- she also runs her own successful business & takes time to run everyday. So, needless to say, when she asked me to take some photos of them, I was super excited.

To view more of their session, please click here ---> The Grabie Family 2010

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