Memories Mondays (on Tuesday): Halloweenie 2010

/ Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween is one of my favorite 'holidays'. It comes a close second to Christmas. Very close. I love the dressing up, the spookiness, and of course, the 50% off candy sales the next day. I remember my first Halloween... dressing up as a piece of fruit - orange, maybe? - and scouring the neighborhood in the rain screaming "TRICK OR TREAT!" My cousins, sisters, and I were the only ones courageous enough to battle the torrential downpour for chocolate treats & the random box of raisins from the senior citizens in the complex. I loved it. The candy would last me a week, make me sick, & drooling for more the next year. Those were the days.

To kick off Halloweenie weekend, my work had a costume contest. It was so much fun... and the winning costume was so original and funny. But first, here are a few of the contenders:

and the winner is... LADY GAGA'S MAMA!

Gotta love the dedication & originality she had with this costume! I'm so happy she won!

I had a great Halloween! Hope you did, too!


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