Training Tuesday: Why I run

/ Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It started with a broken TV the day I came back from my cousin, Emma's 28th birthday extravaganza. I turned the TV on and nothing happened. Nothing. It was broken and I didn't feel like fixing it. So, I decided to do a Half Marathon... I was working out quite a bit that year but nothing was happening. Again, nothing. I needed something different because that's what they tell you --- these experts and people who know more about working out than I do --- change your workout. So, I did. I ran. I didn't like it. It was a cold year. But, I did it.

After the first half marathon, there was a lull in my workouts. Afraid to do a full 26.2 miles, I did a triathlon instead. I didn't really know what I was thinking --- I thought it sounded cool. I came in second to last in my division but that didn't matter... I finished. They didn't even give medals that year --- instead, I happily wore my orange competitor's tee-shirt as I limped toward my much deserved brunch.

Since then, I did the full marathon and two half marathons this year (so far). I didn't know why I was doing it --- I just set the goal. I then became a marathon trainer and pace led my team through the finish line for the LA Rock and Roll Marathon. This was the only time I didn't cry (or at least hold back tears) crossing that finish line. Instead, I hugged and celebrated with my team as they crossed. Together. And, fittingly today, I received an email from my coach:

"By the way, your 14's (team) was very very impressive last Saturday. They're very strong and paced themselves quite well."

A simple two sentence note was what did it --- that is my reason why. Because, I wasn't there that day to lead, they made it through just fine.



  1. That's because we have an excellent pace leader who taught us well and an amazing group! Thanks =D

  2. I love me some Lizzie - Rock on girl !!!


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