Triple the fun @ the Sanrio Small Gift Carnival

/ Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sanrio + Sunday + Sisters = fun. My sisters and I attended the Sanrio Small Gift Carnival a couple of Sundays ago. Out of all the characters, Pochacco is my favorite. Yup, this little puppy has been my love since I was little. I remember saving up my weekly allowance for that quick trip to the Sanrio store to purchase overpriced pens & tin cases. I collected it all... tucked away until I have a little girl or niece to give it to.

Walking into the warehouse where it was held, the first thing that struck me was how colorful it was. The second thing, it was crowded. Super crowded. As we weaved in and out of booths, art, and gifty madness, I started feeling like a kid again. So fun to see Pochacco hasn't changed & also a little display of those pens and tins I enjoyed so much.

OOOOO so fun! Did you collect anything when you were younger?


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