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/ Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am suppose to be on a flight to Boston right now with my two buds, Amee & Jen. We were to spend Wednesday - Sunday running around the Freedom Trail & eating lobster rolls. Yummmm... lobster rolls. Instead, I'm working on "Lizzi Loves" and taking time off to refocus, re-energize, and most of all, BREATHE. These past couple of months have been suuuuper CRAZY with shoots, events, crafting, and work. Yes, I still work my full-time job and needless to say, I haven't had much sleep due to the hustle and bustle of everything. Through this madness, I am so thankful and grateful for this "ride" I'm on. And, most of all, the feeling of someone's support and faith in me and what I do. This is a never ending learning curve --- and, I love it.

Here's a quick sneak of what we're working on... I can't wait to show you all of it! I'm wrapping up a couple of things and am bursting at the seams with excitement!!!

And, here's a quick sneak of the SUPER ADORABLE & FUN De La Rosa family I captured last Saturday:

More coming soon!


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