Capturing: The Aschoff Family

/ Monday, December 20, 2010

I saw it... in the corner of my eye - wheezing past me as I began to shoot. I didn't know what it was until it hit Aidan in the chest. What followed was lots of giggles and laughter from all around. It broke the ice... made everyone comfortable and more at ease. Joey had thrown a rock at his son. Aidan then picked up a stick and charged toward his dad. They were playful - I loved it. And, that's how I spent my afternoon with the Aschoff Family --- dodging rocks, jumping from tree to tree, and enjoying the special relationship this family has with each other.

Joan, thanks so much for letting me in and allowing me to capture your family. I had a great time. And, trust me, your kids were angels! It was a pleasure hanging out with you all!

Here are my favorites:

Me: so, who's the funniest one out of all of you? Below: their answer - dad:

To see more of the Aschoff Family, click here to launch the slideshow ---> The Aschoff Family.


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