Capturing: Dibble Dabble

/ Monday, December 6, 2010

Dibble Dabble is a blog that focuses on the small guy - small fashion, small food, small party, and small stuff. It's a spot to check out what's hip and fun for the little ones mixed in with some posts of the daily angsts of Anna and her cute little toddler, Chase. To give her blog a new, fresh look, Anna asked for some photos for her site... we had a lot of fun exploring what downtown Los Angeles has to offer! Here are some of my favorites...

Gotta love the growing collection of fun toys for the bigger kid in all of us:

To see more of Dibble Dabble & Anna, click here for a slide show ---> Dibble Dabble Slideshow.



  1. Watch out now! Who is that hot chick? Buahahaha! Love the pics. Thanks lizzi! My 'evil twin' ;)


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