Capturing: Greg

/ Monday, December 13, 2010

I love what I do... I snap pictures to capture a moment. A millisecond of time. Snap, snap, snap. But, that's all logistics. What I do is more than that... it's the ability to see beyond the lens. I strive for that, actually. I'm working on it... and, Greg was a great subject. He battled the rain with me and we chatted. A lot.

Greg, you're more to me than just a 'mentor'... you're my friend. Thanks so much for your support. Means more than words. Hope you enjoy these pictures --- make sure to hook your mom up, ok?

I'm funny... admit it! Don't try to hide it, Greg!

Ok, fine... just be FIERCE!

And, of course, this picture for mom. She'll want 8x10's and wallets - just sayin'.

To see more of Greg, click here for a slideshow ---> Greg's Rainy Photoshoot.


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