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/ Monday, December 27, 2010

Cal State University, Northridge holds a special place in my heart. I attended there for my undergrad and grad degrees. It was strange to go back but exciting, too. The school had undergone MAJOR renovation and I'm proud of it - minus the increase in parking rates. Grrr... so, when Jill called me to tell me she parked on the street (yup, me too) & was on her way to meet me in front of the library - my stomach turned a little and the nervousness heightened. I never met Jill before this point. Our conversations prior to this phone call were all texts and emails. Oy.

Within seconds of meeting, it was like we were old friends. We talked and dreamed the whole time about her aspirations, her goals for the future, her trip to the Philippines and Thailand. Her dreams of making changes in peoples' lives, especially in third world countries. She has it figured out and now that she graduated, it was time to put it all together.

Jill, I wish you the best in your endeavors - you're awesome and I can't wait to hear of all your adventures. Thanks so much for sharing your dreams with me... I know how special they are. Here are some of my favorites from your senior photo shoot:

To see more of Jill's senior photo shoot, click here ---> Jill's Senior Photos.


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