Christmas Wrap-Up Wednesday

/ Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas was awesome... it was wonderful to reconnect and bond with my family and friends. The picture above is of my parents after they opened their Christmas gift from my sisters and I. I love this picture --- my dad looks super ecstatic about his new iPad! I had taken this picture by pure luck. My dad doesn't typically smile in pictures and it makes me happy to capture him this way.

The holidays always bring some chaos & surprises... friends stopping by, birthday cakes toppling over, last minute handmade crafting, and lots & lots of gifts. Here's some pictures of our night:

Decorated to the brim --- including a handmade "Happy Birthday" banner for my sistah, Darah:

The "Peanuts" minus Gigi...

And, of course, the loot. I'm so excited about all the wonderful gifts I received--- some are pictured below. I just couldn't fit it all! Thank you Thank you Thank you to all my thoughtful family and friends!

1. Hello Kitty dressed up as Pochacco from Darah
2. JCrew bag & Kate Spade penguin coin purse from the cousin's White Elephant Exchange
3. Hello Kitty keychain from Dawnabelle
4. Wedding Photography book from my BFF, Marc
5. Itunes & Target gift cards from Paul
6. Fuji Instax Mini 7s from my lovely sistahs, Darah & Sonia Mae
7. Black Rapid RS-W1 Camera Strap (for women) from my lovely assistant, Trish

Phew! I feel really blessed and lucky!


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