Dear Santa: My Christmas Wish List

/ Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I've been dreaming all year... and finally, Christmas is here! My wish list consists of a few items - mostly fun photography things & a few crafts - I've had in my "bookmarks" for quite some time. I've been good this year, I promise!

1. Cell phone lenses found at photojojo... I love this place! So many options and gadgets. Can't help wanting them all.
2. Toms glitter shoes... fancy & comfie at the same time. They also have a herringbone version that I like.
3. Ohhh every girl needs a crown! I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVE this!!! And, it's made out of real shards of glass. Madness!
4. Oxfords of all kinds --- this marks up on the list.
5. I heart this prime lens... the best part? It's a lot of bang for the buck!
6. A little notebook to jot down ideas... I have one already but I can't resist the little owl guy!
7. Holga and all it's cute lenses.
8. Another photojojo lens... changes the current lens to macro!
9. Fuji instax mini - super cute! I have some ideas for this one...

AND 10. to have a safe and fun holiday. So cheesy, I know. But seriously, isn't that what the season is about?


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  1. *egad* I just have to say it again...i love your post. so pretty.


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