Handmade Holidays: Vintage Cake Stands

/ Friday, December 3, 2010

I love vintage cake stands... they add just a little bit of flair and fun when displaying those oh-so-sugary-treats. Especially for the holidays or a special occasion.

When planning the decor for my birthday, I searched high and low to find theeeee PERFECT cake stand. I failed. The cake stands I found were either too pricey, too big/small, or too... something. So, with a little help from the interwebz, the boyfriend & I made them.

The fun was in the hunt. I reached out to my local Goodwill and found a wide assortment of plates and glasses to put them together. For this particular one, I decided an embellished white dinner plate and vintage soda glass would do the trick. I picked the vintage soda glass because it was solid & heavy. I felt it was strong enough to hold the plate & treats (the most important part!). I washed the plate and glass & made sure they were both dry before I started.

Then, the boyfriend came by with how to bind it together - epoxy glue. Any epoxy glue will do --- in this case, we used Gorilla glue. First, center the glass to the plate so that it is able to balance and...

Let the glue dry upside-down for at least 12 hours or as instructed in the packaging. Ensure the glue is dry by feeling it before you flip it over. Once you do, turn it right side up and VOILA! Your own handmade vintage cake stand! Add doilies for the extra vintage flair.

I used the cake stands a few times already - for my birthday cake and Thanksgiving pies. I can't wait to dress up the Christmas treat table and maybe, just maybe, a bridal shower in the future???


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