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/ Tuesday, December 14, 2010

There are three things I look for in a camera bag:

1. durable - can it hold the things I need for a photo shoot safely? Is it strong enough to carry the full weight of all my equipment?
2. comfortable - could I wear it in many ways to shift the weight of the bag? Mainly, I am looking for something that went across my body
3. cute - is it cute? I want a bag that fits my personality.

I found Porteen Gear on Etsy. A lovely combination of canvas and leather, this bag has the durability to hold all my gear, including cell phone, business cards, wallet, and cords. And, they're handmade! Love it! Here's a glimpse into my bag:

I wear it across my body and it's super comfortable. Do I really need to say how cute it is? I sent it to my great friends, Amee & Jen, as part of my 'birthday wish list' this year. They were surprised it was a camera bag and wanted it for themselves too as a handbag! Needless to say, they purchased it for me as a birthday gift - thanks guys!

(Amee & I before I opened my gift)

Check out more of their products here ---> Porteen Gear.


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