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/ Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Paul & I have a special Christmas tradition. He comes over around noon Christmas day and we take time to exchange gifts with each other. It feels great to have the moment - Just. For. Us. I love it. We share stories on how and why we bought this gift... and he'll exclaim how 'his gift always trumps my gift'. And though I'll never admit it to him, it usually does. OK, it does. Afterwards, we hop in the car and drive to Starbucks to share a treat and hot cocoa. This is all before the Christmas party that night... before the chaos... my nieces and nephews running around... and the festivities of having a large family over for the holidays. Here's a picture of us before we opened our gifts:

Gift #1: A tripod kit, including backpack, UV filter, and cleaning supplies. I was really surprised!

Gift #2: A fun tripod for tough to reach/attach places, i.e. fences, posts, etc.

The rest: the Flip video, gift certificates to Itunes & Target, and white chocolate pretzels.

His gifts: a GPS/walkie-talkie & bags of assorted chocolates

He totally 'trumped' me this year! Meh... there's always next year. I'm a very lucky girl. I can't wait to share some additional holidays photos! What are some traditions you have with your love ones?


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  1. You guys can win with me in the gift wars ANYTIME you feel like it.

    This is one war I would not mind losing.


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