Capturing: Marc's 30th

/ Monday, January 24, 2011

I remember many milestones in our friendship... turning 16, 18, 21, 25, and now, 30. I have pictures here and there of how we celebrated - there was lots of dancing and smiling faces everywhere. We laughed a lot. Together. And, sometimes at each other. All throughout our friendship... we laughed. Sure, there were some hard times, but what I remember most is we laughed. I think that's what has kept us going - you in Hawaii and me in California. Those memories in the back of my mind. So vivid. And with each visit, its as if you never left and the memories feel like it was just yesterday. 

Marc, I'm so happy we had time to capture these pictures before you left. To stop time - for a little bit - FOR YOU. To bask in all that is to come in this wonderful new decade and close the book on your 20s. Isn't 30s the new 20s, anyways?
And, of course, my favorite shot of the day...

To see more of Marc's 30th portrait session, click here for a slideshow ---> Marc's 30th Slideshow


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