Foto Fun Fridays: Best Friends

/ Friday, January 14, 2011

As I mentioned before, I have two best friends in two different time zones... Marc is from Hawaii and KLA (Karen) is from New York. I'm in the middle. About once or twice a year, we're able to get together. In the same time zone. A couple of weeks ago, it was that time --- for us to gather 'round and spend quality time together. We brunched at Larchmont Bungalow, shared some red velvet pancakes, and found a cute boutique store filled with even cuter clothes for - wait for it - $15 a piece!!!... yup, in Larchmont! Yup, the WHOLE store! Yup, I'll be going back! Yup, I'll take you with me!

Ahem. Now, back to their visit... we met a cute giraffe in the cutest toy store ever. His name was Gerry. He said he was working and not to sit on him. We asked if we could take pictures with him. He said he was cool with it, as long as we made it quick. And, he wanted us to tag him on Facebook. Sheesh. So demanding...

We each had our individual pictures with Gerry. How could we not? He said he thought we were pretty cool and to come again - preferably on his days off. Hmmm... I'm figuring Gerry doesn't get out much. He was a nice giraffe though.


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