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/ Thursday, January 13, 2011

When I was in Middle School, I was forced to write in a planner given to me by my homeroom teacher. In it was a full calendar, a day planner to write my homework assignments in, tables & graphs, and a section for notes. I loved it - with its embellished horses in the front and blue & white motif. We were the mighty mustangs and yes, we needed to write down our school assignments and when Open House was.

I also invested my weekly allowance to purchase a black faux leather Pochacco planner from the Sanrio store. I remember it being $13... a large sum in my eyes, but it was worth it. I carried these planners with me. Wholeheartedly. I was afraid to write on its colorful lines --- it seemed so permanent and I was afraid to tarnish the pages with my scribble.

Since then, I've been a planner. It's the alpha female in me --- overly controlling and possessive. It's one of the few things I have in my life I have full control of. Some people may think it's silly or useless, but having things written on paper feels good to me - the permanency of ink on paper, letters that formulate into goals, and a delightful check once completed. Yes, I am one of those. It helps me look back. Appreciate. Reflect.

So, it comes as a 'no-brainer' for me to spend an afternoon planning. To really hash it out with another creative mind. And, there will be more of these afternoons ahead filled with hot tea & cupcakes, ideas exchanged, and lots and lots of of dreaming.

My word for 2011 is "fun". To incorporate that in my actions, in the pictures I take, in everything I do. Fun, fun, fun. And, yes, planning to me is fun. I'm excited to share what I've got cookin'. My journey has started... thanks for joining me on this ride.


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