Memories Mondays: Pismo Beach 2011 - Part I

/ Monday, January 10, 2011

Paul and I make it a tradition to do a short camping trip the beginning of every year. Last year we spent it at Glamis - about two hours south of Palm Springs. This year, we spent the first week of 2011 at Pismo Beach, CA riding the sand dunes, swapping stories over the campfire, and watching tons of movies. It was perfect. Before our trip, I gathered all my awesome Christmas gifts to capture it all. I wasn't sure what to bring, so I decided to bring it all...

1. my Nikon D90 w/ 35-70mm lens
2. Fuji Instax 7s camera
3. Flip video camera
4. Mini tripod
5. My Iphone (a must)

And the verdict? I enjoyed all of it... I was on "creative" overload. I wanted to capture everything and anything. I even asked Paul if he thought I was being a little 'much'. He answered, "it doesn't bother me as long as it makes you happy." And, it did. I needed it --- a no pressure, just-snappin' away picture session(s). Needless to say why this is a two-part blog post! This is how I wanted to start my new year... fresh, creative, and fun. Off we go!

Our first stop was a visit to one of Paul's friends, George. George was working out in Ventura on a strawberry farm and Paul wanted to pay him a visit. I saw one ripe strawberry and was tempted to pick it. I didn't think it would have been appropriate but it sure looked yummy! They talked race cars & exchanged some laughs. I happily snuck away and took the opportunity to use my mini tripod for some pictures.
I hooked my mini tripod to a nearby tree:
And, caught this...
The lighting is off and it's only a picture of my head... hey, I tried! It was fun trying to attach it to a branch on the tree and setting up the focus, etc. etc. After our visit, we hit the road...
We decided to make an overnight stop at Lake Casitas. I've never been there. Paul has spent many summers with his family boating & camping at the lake. A must-do next time.
We hit the road again after a quick photo-op & headed toward Pismo Beach...
I'll leave with this picture for now... I'll show some more pictures in Part II tomorrow.


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