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/ Tuesday, January 18, 2011

During my daily blog readings, I stumbled across Project 52. A project for photographers everywhere to document Fifty Twosdays worth of pictures. Pick a theme - could be anything and everything that tickles your fancy. Take one picture a week and blog/post about it. There are more rules online but I decided to put my take on it.

My word for 2011 is fun. Having fun in everything I do, even the smallest things... I feel there are a few things in my life I don't appreciate. For example, running. I run 5 times a week with always a set goal - training for the upcoming marathon, half marathon, triathlon, etc. I became so focused on the time, I didn't step back to appreciate the little things - the trees rustling, the cool breeze, the chaos & stillness around me. Once I started to, I forgot I was running. I was in 'the zone' and having fun. I need more of that. Everyday.

To help me "keep" my word, I decided to join Project 52. This would remind me every week of my goals - professionally and personally. To have fun along the way. I am a week off, so here are weeks 1 & 2...

week one: portraits with my new year's balloon taken by my best friend, Marc

week 2: taking TOO many pictures while Paul set up camp

Join me on the fun! It's never too late!!
For more info, click here ---> Project 52 Photography Challenge


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