Project 52 - Week 3

/ Tuesday, January 25, 2011

While waiting for a friend, I decided to clean out my purse. Yes, it ALL fit in there... this has been my life since I came back from Pismo Beach. It's embarrassing to put this out there, but I wanted to capture it. The chaos & craziness. From what I can see in the picture (I am sure there's more hidden underneath all that), here's what was inside:
1. wallet
2. penguin coin purse
3. planner
4. Iphone cord
5. charger for my Garmin Forerunner
6. Tylenol bottle
7. Movies - I think I returned them by now?
8. Shock Blocs (running supplements)
9. Notes, notes, notes
10. Receipts, receipts, receipts
11. Vaseline
12. Orange zip-up sweater
13. reusable bag
14. Stila lipstick & gloss
15. Badge for work
16. Coach wristlet - for when I want to carry just the 'necessities'
17. Cough drops
18. License
19. Vitamins
20. Workout Calendar

Since this picture, I've cleaned everything out and organized. I feel much better and more accomplished. And, seriously, it's so easy to get caught up in a larger bag --- I can carry everything! What is in your bag?


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