Take Two: Pismo Beach - Part II

/ Tuesday, January 11, 2011

After another 1 1/2 - 2 hour drive, we arrived at Pismo Beach - Oceano Dunes:

We Paul set up camp and I took many, many pictures...
Bringing out the quads...
This was our home the past couple of days... I miss it already.
Time to go riding! Yay!

We also used this opportunity to test out the GPS walkie talkies he received for Christmas... he found me!
Oh, by the way, Paul's middle name is "Michael" and some people refer to him as "Mike"...
This poor Christmas tree made for great firewood the first night...

The rest of the trip was a lot of eating, watching movies, playing video games, and putting John Deere Christmas lights together...

Our trip wouldn't be complete without a drive through the creek --- yes, including seaweed. I was really scared driving through 4 feet of ocean water, but we made it. Thankfully.
Back to the grind this week and I'm looking forward to it! Our trip was the PERFECT way to begin 2011. We're planning more trips in the future... can't wait!


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