Capturing: The Szatalowicz Family

/ Monday, February 28, 2011

Dr. Victoria, as I like to call her, approached me a few months back for a family portrait session. The holidays were coming up and she was excited to get her family together to take pictures. I quickly realized the importance of this request. Her late husband was the photographer of the family and since his passing, there were no updated family photos. To add to this - her daughter lived in Arizona which made it difficult to schedule a time together and her son decided to join the military. She wanted to capture her family at this time as they are --- unique, fun, independent. We were fortunate to get the family together a couple of weeks ago.

Dr. Victoria, thanks so much for letting me snap some photos of your family. I love, as you would say, your family's uniqueness and quirkiness. Here are some of my favorite photos:

To see more of the Szatalowicz Family, click here ---> The Szatalowicz Family 2011.


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