Foto Fun Friday: Lost & Found

/ Friday, February 11, 2011

Before I left to Cabo with my family, I thought it would be a great idea to clean out my closet and assess the situation. That was part of my new year's resolution - to eliminate "the funk". Yes, "the funk". My sisters are constantly telling me I need to "edit" my clothes, shoes, heck, LIFE. And, when you live with not one but TWO fashionista sisters, you don't argue. It's a no-win scenario. They did have a point though... I'm a neat person, I just needed to get rid of clothes that didn't exactly fit anymore - not just size, but ME and my style at present.

While going through "the funk", I came across a Kodak CD. It was definitely an old CD but I didn't know right away where it was from. I loaded into my computer and laughed.

It was a CD of pictures from my trip to Disneyland with my friend, Karen. Gosh, it's been YEARS since this picture --- about the same time the bf and I started dating - 5 years, give or take? I remember she had made a CD for me after she printed all the pictures from her digital camera. Oh, what fun we had!

And just an FYI, I still have that eccentric owl shirt (I use it for PJs) and got rid of the capris I'm wearing. You can't really tell in the picture but they aren't cute. What was I thinking??? And, I gotta do something with my hair. Note to self.


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