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/ Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm a big dreamer and risk-taker. Being in this business, I have to be. I have learned so much throughout this process. I know the road will be tough, but I'm up for the challenge. Part of the challenge though is holding back on purchasing the newest greatest thing for the business and justifying every penny. For now, I dream... and save. At least with dreaming, it doesn't hurt the checking account... here are a few things I'm dreaming about -

1. Nikon d700
When/if the long awaited d800 or d700s or what not comes out, I'll dream of that instead. Hopefully by then, I'll have some money saved and it'll be mine. Keeping my fingers crossed!

2. 50mm 1.4 lens

Once the d700/d800/d700s is in my hands, this will be one of my next purchases. I looooove my 35mm (especially in low light scenarios), but I want to keep that on my D90 for now. 

3. 24-70mm lens
Although this set up will be pretty bulky, I want the 24-70mm with the new Nikon camera body. I have the 35-70mm on my D90 and I love it! It stays on the camera for most of my portrait sessions. I've had to switch out to my 35mm prime lens for this shoot since the sun was coming down and we were losing light fast. Otherwise, the 35-70mm stayed on.

4. And, of course, a cute new bag to house it in. I love jototes (found at because they're stylish and affordable. Hello mustard! SOOOO cute! 

All items/pictures were taken from - except for the tote. That's enough dreaming now... sigh.


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