V-day on Thursday

/ Thursday, February 17, 2011

Paul & I celebrated Valentine's Day on Sunday vs. Monday. Trying to plan an outing on a work night is pretty tough for the both of us - especially with what he had in store. All he told me was he'd pick me up and we'd 'cruise out'. I love surprises. Really. I played along & ventured out in the morning for his gift...

I love to write. It gives me peace. I feel the same way with pictures - I feel more at ease taking pictures & being creative. Paul picked me up around noon & cruise we did... about an hour away. Every time I asked where we were headed, his reply was, "I don't know". It was a nice surprise to end up at the beach in Ventura:
Although it was a little cloudy, we made the most of it...
The reason we went to Ventura Beach was to eat at my favorite dive, Andria's. During our new year's trip, I had mentioned going to Andria's a GAZILLION times but our timing was off & we had a ton of food in the trailer, so we decided not to go this time. I guess Paul remembered and when I saw the exit to Andria's, my face lit up! Andria's is my seafood heaven - breaded & fried to perfection halibut and yummy coleslaw. I don't think there's ever a time I've gone there without a wait. The line is always out the door! If you're ever in Ventura, check it out... it's awesome.
 After lunch we walked around a bit... talked a bit. Dreamed a bit..

After our walk, we drove out... he had mentioned something about coconut shrimp but we just ate so I knew that wasn't where we were headed. He took a couple turns and we ended up at... Golf 'n Stuff! OoooOOO this was about to get serious. The last time Paul & I went miniature golfing, I won - of course. =) So, it was on! And, what I love about this place is that there was also bumper cars, laser tag, a mini indy racetrack, an arcade... lots of fun stuff!

I was a little sad I couldn't drive my own indy car but I was Paul's passenger in his & that was fine with me.

We had a great time playing all the games and rides...
We ended our day with dinner at Joe's Crab Shack... and of course, coconut shrimp. 

It was a perfect day... Hope you had a magical Valentine's day! 


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