Behind the scenes

/ Thursday, March 17, 2011

I always wondered how I look like when I'm shooting... what's my perspective like? What am I aiming at? How close am I to my subjects? Am I engaged? Do I look crazy?!?!! (Don't answer that!) Last Saturday, I was fortunate to have Anna there with her fancy camera. She spent a couple of minutes snapping a few photos of me. I'm glad she did because I realized a couple of things...

1. I like to get down low... like really low...

2. I shoot with both eyes open... and play with grass for an artistic touch.

I also laugh A LOT. So much, I think I scared the kids. How could I tell? Well, they stopped laughing when I did. Oops. Can't blame a photographer for having a good time... =)


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  1. We all had a great time watching the photographer at work!


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